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مدیر عامل شرکت طاها صنعت دانش پویا.


Traditional fire extinguishers, such as foam and water, don’t work on lithium battery fires. The only way to extinguish a lithium battery fire is to flood the battery with water. A Lithium Fire Blanket will safely isolate a lithium fire battery for hours, until it can be flooded and extinguished.

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The most efficient way to isolate and extinguish car fires, even in electric vehicles. Any car fire is dangerous and toxic. A car fire in a gas station, road tunnel, car park or passenger ferry can be a disaster.

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The simplest, safest and most effective way to isolate lithium battery fires. Lithium battery fires don’t respond to traditional fire extinguishers, which makes even small lithium battery fires extremely dangerous.

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World Hug Day

January 21st is a hugging day and we all know the benefits and benefits of hugging or we can read or read. The point is that everyone has the right to hug. If you want to hug someone, don’t wait, dad, mom, brother, sister, love, friend, coworker and so on. …

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Be careful

Be careful To these days that they never come back To the opportunities that come like the wind they are going And not always All the years that life passed at the speed of light To the young man who passed To the middle-aged who goes Take care of our …

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‘Severe lack of investment’ frustrates plastics recyclers

https://recyclinginternational.com ‘Sometime soon there will be no export markets for plastics,’ warns e-scrap plastics expert Craig Thompson. It will be two years this December since China implemented its ban on ‘solid waste’ into mainland China. The industry has had the past 18 months to implement changes to recover at home …

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Live from Bulgaria: World Environment Day

https://recyclinginternational.com More than 52% of plastic scrap is being recycling in Bulgaria. This makes the country one of the top performers considering the average EU recycling rate is only 42%. Sorting specialist Tomra organised an exclusive plastics recycling event in Sofia to showcase its recycling equipment running at the new …

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Salzburg Airport transforms old runway into new runway

https://recyclinginternational.com A major recycling project is underway at Austria’s second largest airport, Salzburg Airport. Over 8500 tonnes of runway is being decommissioned and recycled. As we speak, the demolition company Weickl Erdbau is crushing the last bit of a 2.75 km (1.7 mile) stretch of the runway. The material is …

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Recyclers urged to act over ‘hazardous’ plastic scrap

https://recyclinginternational.com The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is calling on recycling associations and businesses to lobby their Governments over proposed changes to the Basel Convention that it believes will hit plastic recycling. Norway wants the convention to reclassify certain plastic wastes by adding them to Annex II of the convention. …

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