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23rd International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2018

 https://www.icm.ch/icbr-2018 23rd International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2018 September 26 – 28, 2018, Berlin, Germany ICBR is the international platform for presenting the latest developments and discussing the challenges faced by the battery recycling industry.  The 23rd edition of ICBR will bring together many experts and decision makers of the …

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Massage is a natural, therapeutic treatment that involves gentle manipulation of body tissue by kneading and stroking the body to encourage physical and emotional benefits. Massage allows your muscles to relax and improves blood flow to the brain. If the body is stressed, a massage can reduce tension and encourage …

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Scrap collection system still in need of repair

July 2016 by Ian Marti n ‘This is not your dad’s scrap business any more,’ delegates to the BIR ferrous division meeting in Berlin were assured by its president William Schmiedel. Unlike for previous generations, the markets are at the mercy of a vast range of global influences – including …

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For Real Knowledge of Your Business Look Deeper Than Facts

In the movie The Paper Chase, a Harvard law student boasted to professor Kingsfield about his photographic memory. Kingsfield told him that his photographic memory would not help him. Why? Because facts are only information. Our ability to put facts together is what makes us a person of knowledge. It is …

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The importance of plastics

Creating laws was originated from nature and caused to be used in industry too. By passing the time, Plastics has become an income, according to the law of Conservation of Nature. Today, many economic actors proceed in the field of recycling procedures of different kinds of plastics. In this regard, …

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