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Steinert to unveil ‘answers to China’s import ban’

Magnetic separation and sensor sorting technology specialist Steinert claims that it will be providing ‘answers to China’s import ban’ at IFAT from 14-18 May. Plant operators can now sort black plastics with the Steinert UniSort Black system while the company’s UniSort Film efficiently separates 2D materials from the material flow. …

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What Is E-Waste?

http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/electronics/whatisewaste/ E-waste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are common electronic products. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. With the passage of the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, certain portions …

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Electronic waste

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_waste E-waste or electronic waste is created when an electronic product is discarded after the end of its useful life. The rapid expansion of technologymeans we are creating a very large amount of e-waste every passing minute.[3] “Electronic waste” or E-Waste may be defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television …

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