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For Real Knowledge of Your Business Look Deeper Than Facts

In the movie The Paper Chase, a Harvard law student boasted to professor Kingsfield about his photographic memory. Kingsfield told him that his photographic memory would not help him.

Why? Because facts are only information. Our ability to put facts together is what makes us a person of knowledge. It is knowledge of a subject that enables us to deal with it effectively. To run your business successfully, you need to have knowledge of whatever your business is. But what are the components of knowledge, and what are its obstacles? Where do we look to find true knowledge, and how do we go about developing it for ourselves?


To be a person of knowledge, we need the ability to think logically. We need to be able to follow a train of thought to its logical conclusion. It’s not to say that to be a person of knowledge we need to become a Mr. Spock or Commander Data from the Star Trek episodes, but we do need to be able to think in a manner that just makes sense. Based on my observations, emotional tangents are often the biggest reason people aren’t able to think logically.

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