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Introducing a very good recycling company in Switzerland

Congefi SA

The Gheza family has decided to found the anonymous company Congefi, in 1987, and to set up its office in via Baragge 11 at Giubiasco strategically central to the canton and quickly accessible by the two units of the pioneer sixties, has gone to the present 34 collaborators. From the small warehouse for the collection of ferrous materials, it has moved to existing structures spread over over 29,000 square meters and over 14,000 square meters of warehouses, equipped with the latest recycling technologies.
Manual activity, never tedious, was alongside that supported by shredders, crushers, separators, presses and loaders. The family car was replaced by 17 trucks and 4 vans, able to handle over 600 containers available to customers, for a total of about 60,000 tons of recycled material a year. Paper and paperboard, bulky and vegetable waste, plastic materials, wood, automobiles, glass, household appliances, special and inert materials have been added to the iron. When delivered to the warehouse, home-based pick-up was added by means of comfortable Welaki bucket systems or demountable pallets, able to satisfy every need.
A company constantly evolving, in line with user demands and technological evolution.

In the year of the celebrations for the 25 years of activity, the company Congefi Sa has been offered a new automatic paper and board separation system, able to optimize the product of about 15’000 tons of recycled paper annually. foundries, glassworks, recycling facilities and recycling centers around the world are the ultimate ring of the business of the company Congefi Sa, which supplies its structures with the most diverse materials produced by domestic economies, small and graded businesses and all those other activities that produce daily material that has become useless but not useless.

In 25 years of activity, the company Congefi Sa can boast of the satisfaction of having actively contributed to the regeneration of important quantities of materials destined for maceration. Congefi Sa may be proud of having contributed to the cause of recycling, even before others learn to become familiar with this term. But, as said, nothing survives without being duly fed. Congefi Sa annually invests heavily in adapting its structures to changing market and legislative needs, updating its own equipment and machinery, helping its employees and improving productivity with increasingly refined processes. This is because Congefi Sa understands that even the slightest difference can be perceived, and above all useful for the cause of recycling.


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